Zwerggriffon Zucht vom Egyptenmoor VK-VDH-FCI
Inteligenz mit Charme und Charakter-since 2008

About Us

We live in nice Schleswig - Holstein, in the administrative district , to the biggest tree school area of the world.
Heidgraben which was mentioned first as a village in 1735 belongs to the circle of Pinneberg. ca. 18 km from northwesterly from Hamburg remotely.
We live in the Egyptenkoppel which borders in the Egyptenmoor. The Egyptenmoor, hence, the name of our kennel, is a former moor area.
A Griffon enters
When we thought about a second dog, was clear anyway, the new should be no hound like our Borderterrier, but become an accompanying dog.
In search of our second dog we bumped on the Internet by chance into the side Griffyfans. After the study of this side we were so enthusiastically from this amusing, intelligent and very devoted dog.
This was the beginning of a long search for a Belgian Griffon which are rare not only in Germany, but even in Belgium, the country of origin.
After approximately to one year we made a find in Austria.
After a long trip our Niki entered on the 16. 11. 2006 with us as a second dog. Both dogs got on immediately.

Our breeding
Because this race is so unique and we believe that the Belgian Griffon has not earned to remain so unknown furthermore, we decided in 2008 this race in Germany again more popularly to make and to announce a breeding. Thus originated our small family breeding and amateur breeding vom Egyptenmoor. We breed after the motto quality is better than quantity. Therefore maximum one should fall with us to two throws per year. For this throw no expenditure is avoided. With the breeding choice particularly value is placed of the health and the being of the dogs, as the being is left bequeath. Our breeding is defeated by the strict breeding regulations of the small dog's association VK. The puppies are delivered early with 10 weeks. Till then they are wormed several times, all her basic vaccinations have received and are gechipt. With delivery of the puppies they get not only the pedigree and the vaccination card, but also information and tips about this race, her care as well as feeding. With pleasure I am available to you with questions and problems any time. We give our puppies only in trusting hands, because dog purchase is a matter of confidence. We wish a nice contact and with the puppy's parents every now and then to hear how it goes for our little one.
As breeders we have a big responsibility for the life of the dogs grown by us. We would want that our puppies and her new owners are happy together.

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